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What To Do When Life Rains On Your Plans!

Just the other day I was enjoying a walk in the woods at the back of my home. I wanted to enjoy a 2-hour stroll before a meeting with a new client, the weather was sunny, and the air was calm, just right for unwinding. After enjoying my time in the woods I set in time for my meeting to begin.


That’s when I felt it. Boom!! A golf ball full of water hit my head, I began to jog! But I was too late, a torrent of rain fell in seconds. I quickly squirrelled under an entryway to an apartment building, only 10 minutes walk from my office. Stood in a pair of suede moccasins, jeans and a linen shirt, I was a sorry sight to behold.

I figured I just hang around here until it became manageable, but this rain was biblical, there was no chance of any let-up. At this point, it was getting closer to my meeting time. It was then I noticed a young girl who walked past me in a pair of shorts and fluffy flip flops. That was the moment I figured it was time to go if she could withstand it so could I. “Who knows maybe I will make it back in time to change?” I thought. Wrong! I lasted one minute before I was hiding again, feeling a little annoyed. I was looking forward to feeling relaxed and centred for my meeting after my time in nature, but nature had a plan bigger than my one.

I wonder has this ever happened to you? Have you ever arranged things perfectly to plan only to have “life” rain all over them?

My hopes of making the meeting and having time to change were fast becoming a fantasy. I conceded and reminded myself of one of my Key Enlightened Leadership Commitments; Acceptance of my current reality creates my happiness. Here goes I thought, “this should be an interesting first impression!

A heavy persona is way more difficult to wear than a set of wet clothes. 

Soaking wet and very humbled by the weather I eventually met my client on time btw and we laughed about my condition. The funny thing was it created an element of fun that otherwise may not have been there. Soon I was back at my office, we both relaxed and the meeting was fantastic. 

This whole episode got me thinking about how often what we think will or should happen doesn’t. It’s easy to get down about a sudden change in our plans, but what if there was a greater plan at work that you were co-creating with life. What if at a deeper level what happens is always perfect for you?

In the past I would have been so upset about the sudden change of plan that it would have consumed my attention, totally ruining my ability to connect. This time I was able to see that the rain allowed me to drop my ego, I had to show up like a wet cat, not a professional-looking coach and leader! I could be seen as a Person vs a Persona. 

Any time we drop our persona in the company of other people, we permit them to do the same! And it feels great. Why? because a heavy persona is way more difficult to wear than a set of wet clothes. 

Have you ever experienced this? Being around someone who was ok with being any version of themselves? Give me a yes in the comments below…

Just for today, I wonder how you might be able to show up wet, I mean persona free to your next important meeting ? 

What would it look like if you would allow just 5% of the persona drop away and 5% more of the person comes through in your next important interaction?

E.L Insights, tools and takeaways 

  1. Dancing with your circumstances ( Acceptance of the present moment creates my happiness)
  2. Lighten up, bringing humour to a change of plan. 
  3. Consider that you are a part of a bigger plan that you cannot see
  4. Take any opportunity to drop your ego and connect as a Person Vs a Persona