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Monsters Under The Bed

The other weekend I woke early as usual and sat alone in the living room allowing my Nezha to sleep. I was reading my book when I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. 

I checked the time 7:15 “that’s weird” I thought, she doesn’t usually get up until after 9 am on Sunday. 😳

Suddenly Nezha comes bolting in the room, looking like she’s late for a flight. 😡 “Why didn’t you wake me up,” she said annoyed! “I am supposed to be at a conference call at 8 am sharp with my General Manager, I’ll never make it”! 

I looked at her confused,🤔 and then I realise, she thinks its Monday! 😝

“Today is Sunday,” I say, “everything is ok, you can go take a rest.” 

The panic dropped from her face and she began to relax.🙄

Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe you felt certain you were late or forgotten something only to realise everything is fine? 

Give me a me too, or an Emoji in the comments below.

This realisation is very powerful! Because the biggest challenge you face on a daily basis is recognising when your thoughts have tricked you, as Nezhas did. 

I remember how my fearful thoughts made me feel like I was always running out of time.🏃🏼‍♂️

I would speed from one thing to the next, and never take a moment to relax or reflect on my progress. It made me super tense all the time! 😫

When we buy into our scary thoughts it’s like becoming a child again. 

Suddenly monsters really are under the bed. 🧟‍♂️

The best way to help a scared child is not to convince them, its to show them. 


Turning on the light and crawling under the with them 

That’s why understanding how thoughts can trick us is so important. 🤴🏻

Because it also allows us to understand and become compassionate when others get tricked. 🧙‍♂️

Imagine if Instead understanding what nezha was going through I instead took it personally and got offended.

Or, what if I had bought into her fears and begun to panic too. If I put all my efforts into helping her leave as early as she could. What would have happened? 

She would have arrived to work on time, but on the wrong day.

How many times has something like this happened to you? When a client or colleague is in a state of panic and you buy into it and start to panic too! 🤼‍♂️

That’s why understanding the “unseen” challenge of thought created problems is vital to success.

It will increase clarity and perspective, two vital aspects needed to create the Impact and profit your company was built for. 🏆

Would you be willing to test your awareness now? Pick a person or circumstance that’s causing stress or tension. 

Now ask yourself this question: 

Is my tension or stress coming from the person or circumstance?

Or is my stress and tension coming from my thoughts about the event, circumstance or person?

What’s your answer? Let me know in the comments below…..

With love,


Do you lead a business that has profit and purpose as equals?

You already know the feeling of tension that exists between making an impact and making a profit right!

It can suck you into ways of thinking that are downright stressful and fearful.

 And affect how you communicate with yourself, your team and your customers. 

The enlightened leadership model trains you and your core leadership team to root out the cause of this tension, and bring back the creative, joyful flow that makes your business really work. 

Remember! Making a positive impact can’t happen if you’re not being positively impacted by what you do. 

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