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How to Make Anything Fun and Easy

Just the other week I was preparing to film an interview to answer a series of questions people about what I do in my line of work.❓

😇I thought it would be super easy, how wrong I was.😳

😎I had everything set up just right. I was even feeling extra fancy with two camera angles!

With a bunch of questions written out, I felt happy. I was finally able to record what normally happens behind the scenes, inside a private conversation.

🤩So the time came and I sat down to start, Nezha my fiance asked me the first question;

What do you do?😰

As soon as she spoke I felt my entire body tighten up 😖

📸“Was it the camera?” No, I always use the same camera.

“Was it the room?” No, I always film here. 🏠

I decided to ignore it. But the tension was getting worse, eventually, I had to stop the whole thing.🛑

😅I secretly laughed inside, realising that my interview about Enlightened Leadership had stopped because I was feeling insecure, and nervous.

I was struggling to tell Nezha the answers, I felt that she was Judging me and was bored of listening to me saying the same stuff.🧐

🤯This caused me to over-complicate my answers further elevating the self-judgement that I was projecting. I was disconnected, lacking the creativity and openness that is a vital element to my work. I felt bummed out, like a total fraud.🤖

Has anybody else ever experienced this?

Just when you think you have got it all worked out ahead of time. Then, drop into a mindset that is completely unproductive and childish (as opposed to a child-like).

I was ready to pull the plug and call it quits. But luckily I have a very strong-willed woman, and she put me straight. 🦸🏻‍♀️

She reminded me of what I was doing this for, and that if my teachings are true I can choose to lift, light up and lead myself from a more Enlightened Perspective.🤩

I laughed and said ok, I think I know the problem; I am talking to “you” about all this business-related stuff you don’t normally want to hear me talk about at home. 
Instead of talking to a stranger who has never heard about it before.

💡 Without a word she grabbed the blanket from the sofa nearby and threw it over herself. Will this work, I laughed, I think it will! So we restarted the interview.

Amazingly it helped, I was no longer talking to her, I was talking to the emptiness in the room. 🥳

It was so free. How? No longer seeing Nezhas familiar face created a neutral scenario for me that allowed me to shoot the interview easily! 😁

This made me realise that when we are just about to quit, no matter how hopeless something feels, the best way to complete anything is to bring in a sense of playfulness and neutrality to it. 😶🤪

Neutralizing brings our perspective back to reality (Remember everything IS neutral until WE judge it otherwise). Then playful energy can light up and lift our spirits to a much higher vantage point.

✅ This is Enlightened Leadership in action.

It’s important to realise that we always create our life problems the same way. 
Our way of “seeing” life often makes things too serious.

Or is that just me 😏

🃏The human mind is always playing tricks on us, the key is being able to spot it and play the game, instead of being played

“Are you doing your thinking, or is your thinking doing you?”

Knowing how the human mind works will give you the key to transforming even the gloomiest of situations into playful opportunities. 🤩

🏋🏻‍♀️Resilience and Wellbeing are only a thought away if you are looking in the right direction.

🎁 That’s the gift of the Enlightened Leadership approach. We look INWARDS towards our state of mind first 🤔

instead of OUTWARDS towards blame and finger pointing. 👉🙎🏻‍♂️

By making self-reflection a first priority, any leader can find solace in the fact that: 
Our inner world ALWAYS determines how we perceive our outer world problems. 🌎

The Question: How is my state of mind right now? Becomes the first question to ask when a challenge occurs.

So what challenges or problems are you or your organisation up against right now? 🤯

What would happen if Just For Today you stepped into the Enlightened Leaders approach by taking the situation back to neutral, then seeking a more playful alternative? 🤔

If you test this out I’d love to hear about your results in the comments below?

Lift up, Light up, Become an Enlightened Leader 😇

With Love, Ryan