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Core Truth

The Core Truth

Core Truth is the central space inside that holds the true you.

The space of wisdom

The space of insight


That only you and you alone have access to.

The space of knowing


The core of who you are is the part that lies behind the noise of the inner critic, and beyond the reach of the intellect. it’s a deeper connection to the energy behind life, it is the very fabric of your existence a web of inconceivable beauty and truth.

As the poet William Blake said “’Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all you know on Earth, and all you need to know”.

But why?

Because the truth of who you are is far greater than the tiny portrait in the mirror or in the “me” you draw up when referring to yourself.

This matters in every aspect of our life because we are not experiencing the fullness of life when we wrap ourselves up in this tiny story.

The truth of who we are is that we are experience creating machines and we are the gods of our world because we create our world. Moment to moment using a set of guiding Principles that when understood expand our field of awareness, deepen our connection to life and other and reveal the true beauty of the NOW.

The 3 Principles are the fundamental guidelines to how we experience life as human beings and they are Universal because they are True for everyone.

1. Universal Thought

We all use the gift of thought to paint our experience of life moment to moment not just through our imagination or when making decision or questioning life, we are experience nothing but our own thoughts every second of the day. We see nothing without our thoughts giving shape and meaning to it first. Thoughts never stop, while sleeping we experience thoughts are dreams. What we don’t realise is that while awake we are doing the same thing, dreaming up our world using thought.

Let me pose a question:

If you were to dream that you owed your neighbour money, would you take it seriously when you woke and pass it to him directly? I am guessing not, even if that dream felt very real, and woke you up in a cold sweat.So why on Earth do we allow our awake dreams to drive us into all kinds of actions that are driven from EXACTLY the same experience? There is only one reason, we don’t realise we are doing it.Because Thought is invisible

2. Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness is awareness of being alive, awareness of our thoughts. It gives us direct feedback about the quality of our thinking in the moment, and how harmful or helpful it is to us, via the senses as an immediate feedback mechanism. It brings what we think to life and creates our experience.

3. Universal Mind

Universal Mind is the intelligent energy behind life, in the seen and unseen. It is the infinite potential that exists through the universe, the animating force of life. It beats your heart and grows your nails repairs your body and grows the grass.These 3 principles when brought together form our entire experience of life, the understanding of them at the deepest level transforms our world in ways you can’t begin to imagine. My life transformed with a single insight that I received while learning these principles, and I have never looked back since. I watched layers of stress, anxiety and overwhelm that I had carried around for years simply dissolve in front of my eyes.As a deeper understanding of Core Truth is reached, you see something fresh a new about your life. You touch your own wisdom, and you’re liberated from the tyranny of the inner critic. You see what IS possible for you, and that place is one of Clarity and fearless action. As the ghosts of doubt leave your mind, your capacity for excellence is unleashed and you get to experience the fullness of your being.

The Story of the Golden Buddha

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