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Are You Strangling Your Desire with Seriousness

February 23, 2020

I was talking with a client recently about his lack of desire for his partner. How he feels like he doesn’t want to be sexual with her anymore.&...


Wanting Vs Needing

February 9, 2020

"Needing a sale to feel safe is an illusion. You need nothing to feel safe. You may want the sale to pay your bills, but your feelings and your bills,...


What Ice Skating Taught Me About Creating A Powerful Schedule

January 26, 2020

🎅🏻Here in Stockholm there’s an enormous amount of ice rinks and places to skate.  Whenever I would walk by I always looked ...


How To Weather A Thoughtstorm

January 12, 2020

🌨Just the other day I was heading out to meet some friends for a game of pool. As we left our house it looked like it was raining. Then I felt...


Thank you 2019 💙🙏🏻

January 5, 2020

I am sat on the bus ride home from a wonderful New Year celebration in the countryside. The sun lights up the sky in brilliant clouds of pink and oran...


Why Being a “Vanilla Person”​ Enhances Leadership

December 15, 2019

🥣I was sitting with a bowl of Keto friendly vanilla ice cream the other night, marvelling at how this creation had no sugar in it and still ta...


The Morning Reset

December 8, 2019

You know that feeling when your daily routine just works out perfectly. Going to sleep at the right hour, waking up before the alarm, exercise and med...