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I turn Stressed Out

Overachievers into

Flow-State Ninjas

Services I Provide
Coaching and consulting for dynamic individuals, teams and businesses who wish to operate at the leading edge of their personal performance output by exposing the hidden variable holding them back.
1:1 Core Truth Coaching

Wake up to a whole new way to live, work and play that will make results inevitable.

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Transformational Retreats

Over 4 days discover a new dimension of mental clarity, creativity and inner peace. Whilst relaxing and enjoying the scenery of Lake Como in Italy.

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Core Truth Business Intensives

A Results driven experience that will lift the lid off your company's leadership abilities, creative potential and resilience.

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Upcoming Events

I offer access to free online and in person events in Milan and London. Check out my calendar and see what’s happening near you.

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Which one are you?
We all have good days and bad days. And when we do, we show up differently. Almost as if we were two different people. I call these two people the  Flow-State Ninja  and the Stressed Overachiever.

Flow-State Ninja

Have you ever noticed how some days you're the most effective person in the room, you're able to perform complex tasks, reach deadlines and handle stressful situations and circumstances easily? You're fun to be around, you enjoy the moment, you're in Flow.

Stressed Overachiever

Have you noticed how some other days you don't want to even leave the bed, let alone the house? You struggle to do the easy tasks without hitting a problem, you feel irritated, rushed and dissatisfied with everything and everyone who is slowing you down. 
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I can assist you in identifying and achieving goals and making
significant changes in your life.

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